How An Exhibit Could Aid Your Business In Success

Trade show rental displays

There are many ways through which you can get your business off the ground. However, it is very difficult to do that without attracting the attention of potential investors or clients. The question is, how do you do that? The easiest way is to get people’s attention through trade shows. Trade shows are the best way to give a quick introduction to your products through custom exhibits. But a good exhibit isn’t something that you can just buy sight unseen. Exhibits need to be designed with your particular product or business in mind. The fact is that while exhibits are viewed at trade shows, they aren’t always remembered. Let’s look into what it takes to have a good exhibit, and how you can save money without losing out on attracting interest.

Why Choose An Exhibit?

You don’t have to have a trade show exhibit to kick your business off — but it certainly does help. Overall, about 50% of the largest 200 trade shows in the United States take place in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Chicago. This is in part because these cities are home to moneyed investors looking for new opportunities. If you don’t take advantage of the presence of such investors, you’re the one missing out. A good investor can be the push that you need to pick your business up off the ground. An exhibit is an informative way to let them know what your business is about while at the same time introducing and selling yourself. Most investors do not have the time for or interest in a long spiel heard dozens of times a day. An exhibit will pique their interest without boring them — if it’s executed well. That way, they can ask question if they have further interest, and seek out the opportunity for themselves. It also means that you’re wasting no time on talking to people who won’t invest. The thing about an exhibit, however, is that it needs to be good. Furthermore, it needs to be cost-effective enough for you to make money rather than lose any. That’s where exhibit rentals come into play.

Exhibit Rentals: Both Effective And Cheap

The fact is that there are plenty of exhibit rentals that could be the solution to your problems. While buying an exhibit outright may not be the best option for you — especially if this is your first time at a trade show — renting one could be a good idea. Exhibit rentals don’t come with the obligations that bought exhibits do. Nor do they outright preclude custom exhibit designs. An exhibit rental can be your trial run, in a way. If you like the results from your first trade show, you can repeatedly rent an exhibit. If you continue to have success with trade shows, then you have that option of buying your exhibit once enough time has passed. There are some exhibit rental companies that allow you to buy the same exhibit you’ve once rented. As always, renting is a safer option than buying.

Exhibit Design: What You Should Consider

An exhibit booth design is an important thing to take into consideration. It’s in many ways your company’s first impression to potential investors. This should not be discounted. Even font type and size is a valuable thing to think over before you make a final decision. You should add an inch of height for every foot away your viewers are going to stand from the exhibit. For example, if viewers will stand 10 feet away from an exhibit, your font should be 10 inches in height. You should perhaps choose a sans-serif font like Helvetica. This will be most easily read. The brand you’re aiming for will dictate your font; however, you should not use more than two or three fonts at a time. Finally, it might be a good idea to choose an interactive exhibit design to best catch people’s attention and communicate your business’s message.

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