Healthcare Gets Hi-Tech

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What is the future of patient care? Electronic health records, predictive analysis, and new software and pharmacy point of sale systems may revolutionize the way doctors and hospitals diagnose and treat patients. New software may enable doctors to use electronic health records to predict heart attacks before they happen. Live monitoring of pharmacies is likely to eliminate stock discrepancies.

New Software Predicts Heart Attacks

New software will help doctors predict heart attacks — and other serious medical conditions — months before they manifest. “We look at this as the tip of the iceberg…the power of predictive modeling and natural language processing,” Carilion’s chief medical information officer, Steve Morgan, told Forbes. Forbes describes some of the initial trials using predictive analysis software: “In addition to more than 200 factors such as blood pressure, beta blocker prescriptions, and weight, it [the software] combed through more than 20 million notes, uncovering nuggets of information that are not entered in a medical record’s fields. They include the number of cigarette packs a patient smokes, the pattern of prescriptions, and how well the heart is pumping. Additional details that might have escaped a doctor’s eye, include a patient’s social history, depression, and living arrangements.”

Revolutionary Pharmacy POS Systems

The latest and best pharmacy POS systems will track inventory in new and innovative ways. Experts encourage pharmacies to embrace “real-time visibility into pharmacy inventory, so essential drugs and solutions can be monitored continuously,” Healthcare IT News states. Chris Jerry, father of Emily Jerry (a young girl who died from a sodium chloride overdose) reminds hospital, outpatient, and retail pharmacies, “Technology is able to precisely measure the amount of the medication or prevent the wrong medication from being administered.”

Healthcare technology is improving by leaps and bounds. Consider taking advantage of new predictive software or the best pharmacy POS systems for high quality patient care.

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