Have Problem Mezzanine Floors? The Answer is Corrugated Metal Decking

It’s no secret that durability is one of the main factors that should be taken into consideration when installing a conveyor platform or floor system. Heavy concrete panels can take months to install, and the extra weight can weigh down on pallet jacks and result in cracks. Not only can this result in expensive and unanticipated repair costs that can hinder production, but falling debris as a result of a cracking concrete floor can present safety hazard as well. Thin corrugated metal decking, by contrast, presents a fantastic alternative to traditional concrete panels in mezzanine floor systems.

Corrugated metal decking functions by bending a thin metal sheet into a wave pattern. When the wave pattern runs perpendicular to the bend direction, the result is a strong panels or flooring that are relatively lightweight This reduces stress applied to support beams and extends the life of both the panels and the supports.

There are nearly 130,000 flooring businesses in the United States alone, so it is important to do research and to consider businesses with on-staff experts and experience with corrugated metal decking installation and maintenance. Industrial flooring installation and repairs can be in the millions of dollars, so businesses should do their homework to ensure that they are placing their trust with the right metal decking company.

To that end, it can help to look for companies that can create designs with the specific needs of your industry in mind. Ensuring the comfort and ergonomic needs of your staff should be one of the first priorities. Distribution centers for retailers, for example, benefit greatly from corrugated metal decking in their floor systems.

If water resistance is a serious consideration, mezzanine floor systems and conveyor platforms with corrugated metal decking can be reinforced with Static Screen Panel Polydeck, which support with dewatering. This model is also lightweight when compared to traditional steel but doesn’t sacrifice strength or structural integrity. This can reduce costs across the board, from lowered initial shipping costs to less maintenance and fewer required service calls that can delay production

Determining the design of your business or industry’s floor systems is crucial in laying the literal groundwork for a successful operation. When considering availability, durability, strength, and the ability to withstand distortion, corrugated metal decking is a less expensive alternative to traditional concrete that can add years to your mezzanine floor.

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