Has Your Business Outsourced Its Sales Department Yet?

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Sales make the world go ’round. Customers get what they want as they go to work or head back home. Business get the money they need to keep running. It’s a trade-off as old as human history itself, which means there’s little excuse for falling behind when it comes to marketing know-how. An outsourced sales force can be the one thing standing between your brand and obscurity, giving you the tools needed to reach out to that essential element flitting from business to business looking for the best deal. Building a sales organization? Knowing the meaning of B2B sales? These are questions you should get comfortable with and fast, as business waits for no one!

Save Your Money

You can save money even as you go about spending it. Yes, that does sound too good to be true…but check out these statistics. Studies have shown a company can save an average of 60% in operation costs with the aid of an outsourced sales force, concentrating their money with the aid of a niche skill with a huge return investment. When companies that operate in the United States spend more than $20 billion every year to train salespeople on a product, you’ll want to stretch your dollar as far as you can. What else should you know?

Encourage Repeat Customers

The best customer is a repeat customer. Why’s that? Well, it helps when a person wants to come back of their own volition time and time again, saving you effort on reaching out to new people through marketing. Outside sales reps have been found to convert prospects into clients a stunning 40% of the time. Compare this to inside sales reps, which only average a measly 18%. There’s no shame in admitting you have a few weak spots in your brand that could use the skilled eye of another. Getting over this hurdle is the hardest step!

Know The Competition

How are other businesses faring with their outsourced sales force? Well, 80% of respondents to a recent Harvard Business review admitted that outsourcing sales helps their department scale much faster than if they had tried on their own. Another survey saw half of all companies operating in North America using contract sales force in one way or another, be it digital or in-person. All in all, the divide between the two sales formats is slowly starting to decrease as companies go for a hybrid strategy.

Use Time Wisely

Time is money. Why waste it? Over 70% of respondents to a survey reported an average sales cycle length of 60 days or less for their inside sales job. Inside sales have also been found to reduce the cost of sales compared to field sales by 40% to even 90% in certain cases. When you reach out to a specialist you’re trimming the proverbial fat and cutting straight to the heart of the issue, saving you precious time and money that could be better spent capturing prospective customers’ eye.

The Benefits Of Sales Team Outsourcing

Why should you consider an outsourced sales force? Because your business is important to you and your customers, be they regulars or people checking out your brand for the first time. The average size of new deals reported for field sales was at nearly $166,000 back in 2013. Consider how you can make this number even better with a hybrid mixture of inside and outside sales. Nearly half of all participants in a Harvard Business review reported recently shifting from a field sales model to an inside sales model recently. How will your brand keep up with the times?

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