Green Janitorial Services for All Your Professional Business Needs

Many people would say that there is a stigma around being a janitor. If someone has to work as a janitor, they might be looking for another word for janitor work or another word for office cleaner, for example. However, it is a good idea to realize that janitorial work is actually very important. Without it, the buildings that many people frequent and work in would not be clean. In some cases, no one could even be in these buildings if there was not someone doing the janitorial work.

For example, medical centers and hospitals are one category of buildings that need to be clean at almost all times. It is very important that these places be very clean, so as not to compromise the health and safety of the patients. This is why someone who works as a janitor and is a part of a medical center cleaning service has a very important job. In general, janitors and building cleaners might be underappreciated, but this does not mean that the work that they do is not important. Many offices would not be able to function properly without all of the work that is done by their office cleaning staff.

Tips for hiring a janitorial service

Are you responsible for ensuring that your business, school, gym, hospital, office or other facility meets professional cleanliness standards? If so, have you considered the advantages of hiring a janitorial service? What about green janitorial services?

When to Look for a Janitorial Service

If you manage an office, did you know that approximately one-third of the respondents queried believe phones and computer keyboards are the dirtiest items in their office environment? Ironically, less than 10% of these individuals claimed to clean them very often.

Were you also aware that most employees–nearly 100%–believe they’ll catch a virus at work? Apparently, their concern is warranted, as it’s been demonstrated that dirty desks are bacteria-rich. In fact, they can have 400-times more bacteria than the public restroom toilet seats.

If you manage a gym, you may be interested to know that cleanliness makes a major difference in whether your clients will renew their memberships. To give you an idea of how important this is, nine-out-of-ten gym club members will renew their membership if they believe their health club is extremely clean. On a positive note, a large percentage–84%–claim that their health club is clean.

If a person doesn’t believe their gym or athletic facility meets cleanliness standards, a Harris Interactive study found that 88% of adults wouldn?t continue working out there. If it’s “just” a matter of unpleasant odors, 72% won’t exercise there, either.

Hiring a Janitorial Service

There are approximately 17,000 petrochemicals on the market, and not all of them have been tested to determine the effects on human and environmental health. In fact, only 30% of these cleaning products have been thoroughly tested.

Furthermore, according to United States’ EPA figures, chemical cleaning products add to air pollution levels. In fact, indoor air pollution levels can be 100-times higher than those found outdoors.

Since you want to ensure your office environment et al is as clean–and safe–as it can be, you may want to consider green janitorial services for quality maintenance. When you outsource your building maintenance needs to a green janitorial service, you will be able to rest assured that your business environment meets quality standards.

Your employees–and clients–are sure to notice the difference!
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