Forget Paper Or Plastic, The Best Custom Wristbands For Events Are

Tyvek plastic wrist bands

If you’re an event planner, work in a hospital, nightclub, theater, or any organization with a box office, then you have much more important things to deal with than what type of ticketing system to use. Even so, without a reliable protocol, you’ll end up creating a host of security and organizational problems. That’s why more and more organizations have discovered the benefits of using custom wristbands.

From hospitals who need to quickly identify patients with allergies, to hipster dance party organizers who need to identify the 21 and over set, wristbands provide a secure, flexible solution. Still, there are a variety of custom printed wristbands for events. How do you pick the perfect solution for you? Let’s narrow down the options:

Tyvek Plastic Wrist Bands

For those interested in the cheapest option, Tyvek plastic wrist bands offer cost savings. That’s because they’re relatively cheap compared to more advanced options, like RFID wristbands for events. What about the cons? Tyvek plastic wrist bands don’t offer any extra security benefits. And for those who need a form of identification that will last more than a day, Tyvek plastic wrist bands just won’t do.

Rubber Wrist Bands

You probably recognize these bracelets as the colored bands used by nonprofits, made famous by the yellow Livestrong bracelet. While these bracelets are popular and durable, they aren’t ideal for events or security. But for those who want attendees to keep their rubber wrist bands as a souvenir for branding purposes, you can buy custom silicone wristbands wholesale.

Thermal Wrist Bands

Thermal wristbands are made from a latex material, and they’re lightweight, tamper resistant, tear proof, and waterproof. Plus, they can be customized with bar codes for added security benefits.

And for organizations who need custom printed wristbands for events on demand, thermal ticket printers allow anyone to custom design unique identification and ticket wristbands on the spot (including unique bar codes).

Ultimately, there’s no best form of ID bracelet. For those looking to save money on throwaway identification wristbands or ticketing system, Tyvek plastic wrist bands are the best bet. For others, silicone wristbands printers offer branding advantages. But for anyone who needs custom wristbands for events, wristband printing provides a unique solution.

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