For Several Companies, Drug Free is the Way to Be

Drug free workplace program

For many companies, performing a criminal background check before hiring a new employee can help them be sure that the individual will be reliable. This can be crucial in identifying high risk employees, especially considering the fact that the amount of Americans who have either lost a job, gotten divorced, or been arrested because of their drinking habits numbers 13 million. Although in a perfect world businesses would not have to conduct drug testing in houston, that is, unfortunately, not the reality of today. In that regard, conducting a criminal background check might be the only way for businesses to be sure that the people they hire will be an asset and not a hindrance.

Lots of companies today use a drug free workplace policy, and have to perform a criminal background check to feel comfortable knowing that an individual will be able to adhere to those rules. Although companies most likely do not want to be concerned with that type of issues, one 2011 survey estimated that 22.6 million Americans aged 12 and older stated that they had used illicit drugs in the previous month. Another stated that the number of Americans who had used marijuana in the previous month rose from 6.1 percent to 6.9 percent between 2008 and 2010. With that many individuals using drugs, one of the best ways for a business to maintain a drug free program is to regularly conduct criminal background checks.

A criminal background check is one way for companies to determine who might make a good full time employee. Some 11.5 percent of Americans who work part time jobs regularly use drugs, and many of them are likely to use Vicodin, the most commonly abused prescription narcotic. By conducting a program for drug screening Houston has to offer, a business is best able to determine what potential workers can be the best full time employees. When combined with a criminal background check, it can help provide a business with useful information about what they can expect from a potential employee.

Businesses featuring a drug free policy might want to avoid individuals who will not comply by giving them a criminal background check. Although they might not want to, it can be the best way to determine whether or not an individual can stay clean if they get hired. Consequently, conducting criminal background checks can be a good way for a company to remain efficient and productive.

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