Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Powder Coating

When it comes to finishing, you’re probably left with two options; to paint or go with liquid powder coating. But what do you think is the best finish? That’s what you’re going to learn in this article.

With the benefits of the best powder coating these days, people would want to go for liquid coatings for their buildings, commercial gates, construction vehicles, appliances, or even garden projects. But whatever the approach or liquid coating application is, help from professionals would be best to get the job done right.

What is Powder Coating?

This is a dry coating process where the metal finish is used on most industrial equipment. Liquid powder coating is applied as the dry powder through the process of electrostatic, which is later cured with heat.

The coating process also provides a high-quality finish in terms of overall look and functionality. It’s not only sturdy, but liquid powder coating is flexible as well. You can use it on different surfaces, which include concrete, metal, plastic, and steel. Also, powder coating is best for outdoor and indoor applications, giving you the most professional finish.

What are the Different Types of Powder Coating?

These are two types of powder coating;

1. Thermoplastics

This kind of powder coating finish becomes very soft and liquid, especially when it’s heated. In addition, it eliminates chemical bonding, making the powder coating reusable and reversible.

It also tends to be thicker. That’s why it’s sturdier compared to another type of coating. That said, Thermoplastics can be used for many things, from auto parts to metals and even for appliances like refrigerators.

2. Thermoset

This type of powder coating is different. In fact, Thermoset forms chemical bonds once it’s cured. It makes recycling impossible, and it’s suitable for heated areas because the bonds would prevent it from melting. In addition, Thermoset is more affordable than thermoplastic.

Types of Projects that Use Powder Coating

To understand more about liquid powder coating, here are some of the manufacturing projects that use a powder coating.

1. Appliance Finishes

Appliances that are usually used, like ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and even water heaters, have a powder coating finish. That said, this process is what makes the appliances keep looking better. Furthermore, it would be easier to clean compared to the usual finishes like porcelain and brushed aluminum.

2. Automotive Parts

Everything is powder coated, from the tractor’s chassis and farm equipment to high-end automobiles. Manufacturers of automobiles are among the largest users of powder coating.

3. Building Supplies

Some people would find powder coating on the extrusions used to make the majority of the doors and windows in the US. Powder coating is also the only finish that would stand up to the happenings on the road for any amount of time.

Benefits of Liquid Powder Coating

There are several advantages when it comes to liquid powder coating, which makes it an excellent choice. Here are the benefits.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating is an eco-friendly approach since it’s recyclable and reusable. In fact, the Thermoplastic coating may be reshaped easily, compared to thermosets. The powder can also be used with only minimal wastage. Because, unlike paint, you’re going to experience oversprays.

2. Nice Look

It’s very easy to achieve a neat look with powder coating. Also, since it repels chemicals, moisture, and other elements, it would be very easy to clean.

3. Cost-effective

The upfront experience will be significant and overwhelming to some. But as time goes by, the cost of the coat is lower than the other types of finishes.

Drawbacks of Powder Coating

There may also be some disadvantages that you need to consider with powder coating. These are:

1. Less Coating Control

It’s actually difficult to achieve its thickness or control how thickness can get. So there’s also a chance that it makes uneven levels of thickness that may affect its overall texture. And if the powder coating runs, then you should redo the process.

2. Problems with the Colors

The reusing and recycling of powder coating may lead to cross-contamination. It means that the colors may not appear as what you are expecting. In addition, it lowers the efficiency and could make mismatched touch-ups.

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