Do Yo Have Plans Made for Your Funeral Arrangements?

Funeral servicesWhen it’s time to plan a funeral, there are more factors to it today than ever before. A relatively new change is the addition of remote attendance software that allows those who cannot travel to witness the entire funeral from home. Many people worry about funeral and burial fees, and those can be steep. But, about how much does a funeral cost? The costs are different depending on the size of the funeral, the venue that you choose, the type of casket you pick out, and more. There are then cemetery fees and charges on top of all of those costs. It can be expensive even for a fairly simple funeral. If you are looking for cheap funerals near me, there may be options in your local area. If you can find a local listing for a discount funeral home, you may be able to have a funeral that costs less than the average. A big part of the cost is the casket that you choose, so choosing very carefully can lower the price of the funeral. You might also try to go in with other family members so that no one has the entire burden of the costs and fees.

Your dad totally caught you off guard the day he asked you to help him deliver his headstone to the cemetery. You have always known that your Dad liked to plan ahead, but the fact that he had already designed, purchased, and picked up his headstone, though, was pretty extreme. When your Dad announced what the purpose of the drive to the country was, you initially thought that he was joking, When you realized, however, that he had set up a large rolling bar in the bed to his trunk to help move the tombstone out, you knew that it was not a joke.

On the drive to the cemetery, your father explained that he had scouted out the best price for a headstone in the state and had even created his own design. He wanted to be certain that neither you nor your sister had to spend any time or money preparing for his funeral. He has read several articles about the process of planning your own funeral and feels like he has all of the items on the list checked off.

Steps to Planning a Funeral Include a Long List of Difficult Details

Pre-arranged funerals can save money and time for your loved ones. In fact, taking the effort to pay ahead of time for cremation services can make the difficult transition that your family will need to make more manageable. From the specifics required at veteran funerals to picking out cremation urns, the details of a funeral are often difficult to make in the middle of dealing with grief. For many families, it is far easier to handle if the arrangements are already in place.
Consider some of these statistics about the funeral industry and the difficult decisions that are made when veteran funerals and other services are arranged:

  • 69% of Harris Poll survey respondents indicate that they would prefer to pre-arrange their own funeral service, instead of leaving the details to their children and their spouse.
  • Veteran funerals require many traditional details that are used to honor those who have served their country.
  • 82% of indicate that funeral professionals provide valuable services, according to Harris Poll Surveys.
  • 86% of funeral homes in America are privately owned by individuals or families.
  • 48.5% of the deceased in 2015 were cremated; the other 45.4% were buried.
  • 82% of people over age 40 say a funeral service helps pay tribute to the life of a family member or friend, according to a 2015 Harris Poll survey.

Funerals are never easy, but if you take the time to make all of the arrangements in advance, your family will have an easier time making the most difficult of transitions.
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