Create a Positive First Impression and Increase Online Sales With a Web Design Agency

While Americans may make purchases for items that they need, they also tend to do so to cheer themselves up. According to a recent survey with 2,000 Americans, the average person will spend $1,652.00 on retail therapy every year. It’s highly likely that many of these purchases will be made online.

How to Create a Positive First Impression

Whether consumers are scrolling through retail websites for items that they actually need or to cheer themselves up, they want to have a positive experience and enjoy the process. Studies show that it will usually take just ten seconds for a potential customer to decide whether to remain at or leave a particular website. While there are several reasons for this, the main ones tend to be the site’s load time, appearance, and content. When customers can access a site across multiple platforms, this, too, can make a positive impression.

Unless consumers already have a specific brand or store website in mind, they will usually browse through a variety of online stores. They locate these by typing in keywords and/or keyword phrases into their smart phone or computer search bar. This is one of the primary reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important, According to a survey with marketers, 72% of the participants stated that the most effective SEO tactic is relevant content creation. Yes, a site’s image quality and assortment does matter; however, many shoppers also like to read about products and industry news.

How to Increase Online Purchasing

On average, U.S. consumers will spend about $1,800.00 every year making ecommerce purchases. While there are a variety of factors that contribute to an individual’s purchasing decisions, it’s been determined that these are the top three:

  • Price: 87%
  • Shipping cost and speed: 80%
  • Discount offers: 71%

When it comes to what’s most important for online shoppers, the annual CNBC All-America Economic Survey reported that it was free shipping. Given the total number of survey participants, 43% reported that this was the case for them. Given the costs of shipping, there’s an excellent chance that consumers will purchase more when they receive free shipping.

Contact a Web Design Agency to Learn About Your Options

Whether your retail store primarily conducts business online or you also have a brick-and-mortar location, having easy-to-maneuver ecommerce websites is essential. When you consult with t a web design agency, they will be able to make recommendations that will assist you with enhancing your online presence. Furthermore, once you begin working with a web design agency, they will be able to create effective ecommerce websites that will function optimally across multiple platforms.

Once your business has ecommerce websites in combination with an effective digital marketing campaign, there’s an excellent chance that you will expand your brand’s awareness and increase sales. In addition, your business may also be interested in learning more about the benefits of working with Shopify web developers. This software will make your customers’ shopping experience that much easier.

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