Comfortable Employees = Efficient Employees

The temperature within your place of business can be a defined influence on the way your workers conduct themselves. If the temperature is too low your workers freeze and can’t manage to get anything done. If the temperature is too high than you put all of you employees at risk for heat exhaustion. Where is the happy medium that your office should be to promote a comfortable temp within your office? According to studies by Cornell University, the ideal temperature to work in is 71.6 degrees. But how exactly can you regulate the temperatures within your office or work site? This is where portable air conditioner rentals and propane heater rentals can make all the difference and make things comfortable for those working their hardest for you. How will these machines make any difference to your and your business? Let’s explore the options.

Portable air conditioner rentals

Portable air conditioner rentals are portable and easy to place in any small or even a large space. Since they do not go into a window, they do not require any sort of window restrictions to run. The other great thing about a portable air conditioner is that they cool and dehumidify at the same time. The humidity in your workspace is less than 50% it can help to take away indoor allergens that cause allergies, immunology and asthma. Considering that so many individuals today suffer from some type of allergen and asthma, this could be beneficial to those working. Besides the temporary cooling sensation your workers will feel for the duration of their work, dehumidifiers will assure your workers all the comforts they could want as far as their temperature goes when it is too warm outside to function and the heat is beginning to creep up on them.

Portable rental heaters

While air conditioners are thought of at a moments notice on the days when the heat makes it hard to breathe, it isn’t often that the other temperature extreme is considered. The winder can be a brutal thing to work in if there is no heat. With cold temperatures that slowly begin to freeze the brain and make joints stiff and hard to bend. Rental heaters can be just as vital as an air conditioning. Temporary heating is needed for a range of different jobs from construction sites to film sets. Allowing your crew to freeze just is not acceptable when the conditions are cold. Did you know that hypothermia can occur when the body temperature drops under 95 degrees? Of course heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be a nightmare to deal with when the sun is blazing hot, but being too cold and having hypothermia set in can hold a whole host of problems to deal with as well. In order to protect yourself as well as your employees, portable rental heaters can be a lifesaver.

Regardless of the business you are in, consider the temperatures and what you are asking of your employees to work in. A happy setting with good temperatures will make it so that your crew is doing the best work possible and achieving all that they possibly can. What more could you ask for in a business than work is getting done and your workers are happy doing it. Don’t freeze or fry your workers when the means of relieve are right at the tip of your fingers to call and order, do everyone involved a favor and keep in mind the conditions you are asking people to work in. Would you want to work in unpleasant conditions? We didn’t think so.

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