Bet You Didn’t Know This About Drilling

Directional boring

Drilling is a major industry that we as Americans simultaneously despise and seriously depend on. Americans uses almost 7 billion barrels of oil every year. This oil is used to quite literally power our lives–from getting from home to work to even being able to cook and study at night.
For many, the oil industry and pipeline companies present an ethical dilemma. While oil and gas is essential to a functional Western existence, it is also a serious drain to our natural resources.
But until we find more viable resources for such massive, large-scale energy solutions, oil and gas is here to stay.
While it’s here, you might as well stick around and learn a thing or two about the industry that is bringing us power on a daily basis.
As far as drilling goes, there are three main kinds of drilling. From there, these kinds can be broken down into smaller categories.
Auger Drilling – Auger drilling is technique of trenchless drilling, employed to install pipes and cable ducts. Trenchless means that the drilling doesn’t require any trenches to be dug. Auger boring is a minimally invasive process that allows drilling companies to install piping without disturbing the surrounding environments. For auger boring services, an auger is attached, which is basically a spiralized drill that essentially twists into the ground, driving deep and making minimal surrounding damage/impact.
Directional DrillingDirectional drilling has been a huge part of the oil industry since as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Directional drilling is also a low impact drilling method and it is made of four parts: horizontal boring, horizontal directional drilling, surface inseam, and oilfield directional drilling.
Now that you know a little about the world of drilling, save us the drill about ethics. If you really hate oil then stop using it. Solar panels are expensive, but they indeed exist.
Until then, enjoy your oil industry powered lifestyle!

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