An Accurate Tool That Saves Your Business Money Laser Engraving For Plastic Parts

Lasers are a term that get a little tricky when approached in the mainstream.

When they’re not being likened to science-fiction they’re frequently misunderstood. Far from a fantastical tool, they’re a highly efficient piece of technology that’s used in several layers of society. You can find them correcting an individual’s eyesight in the medical field and you can see them providing the most superior cut possible in a manufacturing plant. Lasers are truly a remarkable invention, one that only gets more so with deeper understanding. Should you be in need of a laser cutting company?

You have the pick of the litter. Learn more about the history of lasers and what they’re used for below.

How The Laser Was Made

A few centuries ago the laser would have been seen as entirely abstract. Nowadays it’s a commonly used device to provide additional precision unable to be achieved by human hand or machinery. A laser relies on a highly specific point of light, increasing our ability to communicate and alter our environment. You interact with lasers every time you swipe your credit card at a store. You rely on lasers when you turn to a company and ask them about engraving on plastic.

Simple Facts About The Laser

Custom laser cutting services are only possible with highly acute measurements. Laser cutting and measuring both are accurate to within a single nanometer — that’s one billionth of a meter. The narrowest part of a laser’s beam can be as small as 0.0125 inches in diameter. When it comes to historical feats, the most powerful laser ever recorded was at 1.25 petawatts in a Californian laboratory back in the 1990’s. Laser cutting and engraving is but one of the many uses that can come from this device.

Common Uses For Lasers Today

You enjoy the benefits of lasers whenever you switch on your printers or activate a disc drive. One of the most well-known uses for lasers is the ability to correct people’s vision permanently. These weak lasers are eye safe, classified as ‘class 1 layers’, whereas the most powerful lasers in the world are under ‘class 4’. These are the types of lasers that are hot enough to start a fire immediately. Choosing the right type of layer boils down to what you need and to what quality.

The Benefits Of Laser Engraving Plastic

Some products are able to be made by hand, with human error seen as more of a charming addition than a hindrance. Others need nothing less than the utmost accuracy. What’s known as the ‘fiber laser’ is able to carve different types of plastics to the polished finish we’ve come to expect in the modern day. Plastic is a material that does best when it’s used to the fullest of its ability, as plastic waste is becoming a very real concern of businesses today. If it’s one of yours, your laser cutting company can help.

Questions To Ask Your Laser Cutting Company

When you need the very best in plastic cutting services, look no further than your laser cutting company. Custom laser cutting acrylic provides you a win-win solution that will be felt throughout your company. You’ll use far less materials than if you had gone with a more inefficient manufacturing process, which looks good to customers with a green perspective. You don’t have to worry about receiving the right amount of product, either. Laser engraving offers high quantities of any sort of parts or pieces you need to function.

Look beyond the surface to the laser’s true potential. Talk to a laser cutting and engraving company about an order and see the difference yourself.

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