A Guide to RV Transport Services

Right now, the world of the residential living is changing every single day. There are new trends that continue to come to the forefront and fade away. For instance, one of the hottest trends is buying cheap and old homes then renovating and flipping them for a profit. Another big trend right now involves RV transport services!

Most people imagine that an RV is for old people or someone who wants to travel. However, RV transport services are responsible for a construction management area on a construction site. In 2017, it was projected that the global market for construction equipment would equate to $192 billion.

Another big change in the industry of construction deals specifically with the idea of living in a smaller home. Understand that Approximately 15% of 18- to 34-year-olds say they’d definitely live in a tiny house, while 19% say they’d give serious consideration to the idea. If people are considering living in a tiny home then they are also considering RV transport services. Here are more facts n on RVs and more!

RV’s Are Great For Outdoor Lovers

RV transport services can be used for large boat transport, moving a boat, and premier boat hauling services. Now, you will still need a trailer and everything like that, but an RV is a great way for someone who loves the outdoors to travel. The right kind of RV will have enough power to get a boat moving out on the open road.

In 2016, over 87 million United States adults participated in recreational boating, using boats for sports activities, like fishing and water skiing, and/or traveling. Now, it is important to focus in on the last aspect of this which involves traveling. An RV is a great way to travel on a large boat without having to be slowed down!

In 2016, the total value of recreational boats sold in the United States reached over 3.6 billion United States dollars in 2016. There are more people trying to get their hands on boats than ever before. From 2000 to 2016, there were 15.8 million recreational boats in use within the United States. There were 13.28 million people living in households that owned a boat within the U.S. between 2013 and 2017.

RV Transport Services Are Incredibly Popular

In 2017, 6.75 million people in the United States said they live in a household that owns an RV. This is the type of statistic that may surprise the average American. This is more than people would imagine that own themselves some type of RV transport services.

In 2017, approximately 2.7 million people said they lived in a United States household that plans to buy an RV within the next 12 months. Thus, there are going to be plenty of people looking to find themselves some great RV options out on the market. This is because people are much more content with the idea of spending time in a smaller area.

According to the American Tiny House Association, 50% of tiny house owners surveyed have their home-on-wheels parked in an RV park, in a community setting, or on someone else’s land, while 13% have their tiny, wheeled home parked on land they own. A tiny house is truly not that far off from basically owning an RV. After all, they are essentially homes on wheels!

In Conclusion

Every single year there are plenty of people who become really interested in getting their hands on some RV material. This will provide them with a great way to travel and enjoy themselves. All you need to do is take your time to find something nice online and then are golden!
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