5 Tips for Effective Vehicle Wrap Advertising

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Using vehicle wraps to raise awareness of your business and brand can be an effective way to spread the word about your products and services. One of the best things about wrapping a vehicle in your advertising is that you increase your visibility in an area. You are not limited to one location. Here are some vehicle wraps tips and suggestions to help you make the most of this kind of advertising.

  1. Remember that your brand is your message. Assume the consumers in your area know nothing about your business. Even people you know may know very little or nothing at all about what services or products you offer. Use vehicle wraps to sell your message and your brand.
  2. Limit the amount of text. You have a finite amount of time to get your message across. Most stationary signs are seen by an individual about 60 times a month but each person spends only a few second looking at an ad and absorbing the content. People will not stop in traffic to read a long list or a paragraph.
  3. Avoid photos. Any message in your advertising that does not showcase your brand and message is a waste of space. Use your logo and motto but do not include images that are photos. They do not help people understand what you offer and take up valuable real estate.
  4. Go big or go home. It may go without saying that the more attractive your advertising is the more it attention it will attract. Go with bold colors and easy to an easy to read font. Fancy and elaborate script may be fun but if people cannot read it, what’s the point?
  5. Keep it all simple. Again, you have a very short amount of time to get your message across. You need people to understand almost instantly what you sell or do. The key to that is to make your message as simple as possible. This is not the time to highlight your vast vocabulary or use jargon. Your custom vehicle wrap advertising needs to fit on the car and send your strongest message to get the bang for your buck.

Outdoor business signs can be a vital part of your marketing campaigns. At least 37% of consumers say they notice the signs and rely on them to find businesses. More than 35% of consumers report they look for business signs to locate a company. Integrating vehicle wraps into your plan, and they can serve as a location sign when parked in front of your business, can literally drive business to your door. Like other signs, work with your sign company to maximize your exposure and convey the right message.

If you have used this kind of advertising, please share your experiences in the comments section. Thank you!

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