Which Lunch Specials Drive Restaurant Traffic?

When it comes to building restaurant traffic, good food is always the solution. If you own your own restaurant, it can be difficult to get the word out about your food, especially during work hours. The hours of 9AM-5PM are some of the most dead hours in the restaurant business, but with the right lunch specials, you can get devoted customers all week long. In fact, many restaurants have included a ton of lunch specials to their menus to encourage customers to spend their lunch breaks at their establishment.

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You can easily do the same thing! If you are struggling to find ideas of what o include in your lunch specials, this video helps to provide several ideas that you can build off of.

First of all, lunch customers have two big problems: watch and wallet. When people are on their lunch break, they only have about a half an hour or so to order, eat, and leave. Because of this, you need to invest in staff and cook times on your available food. Offer pre-made salad options of single slices of pizza. Lunch specials could include chips and a drink for a discount, or a buy one, get one on sandwiches. Good prices and quick service times are the key to increasing your restaurant’s lunch traffic.


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