Three Types of Outdoor Business Signs

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Believe it or not, over half of a small business’s customer base comes from the on premise signs alone. It can be easy to get preoccupied with the signage inside a store, advertising products, services, or sales, but it’s important to have sufficient signage for bringing people in. Here are three types of outdoor signage and what you need to know about them.

1. A-Frames
One of the most common types of exterior business signs are A-frames, and believe it or not they can actually still attract a lot of attention. Here, the message is key. It’s not enough to just prop the sign up outside and wait for customers to notice. Sure, that’s exactly how they work, but it’s up to you to create a noticeable message for the sign. People love a good witty a-frame saying and will be more likely to come in or remember your business.

2. Outdoor LED Signs
Another common outdoor sign is an LED sign. These are made from light emitting diodes, which are solid light bulbs and are really energy efficient. LED signs are pretty versatile since there are so many different types, so which one you choose is up to you and what you plan to display on it. The three main types of LED signs are light bar, dot matrix, and seven segment which are all suited well to a certain type of sign.

3. Billboards
Billboards have been around for over 100 years now, but they still have their place in advertising, and no outdoor advertising campaign would be complete without them. Billboards aren’t the most important of small business signs, but they can be really effective for certain markets — if they would be right for yours is up to you.

Do you use any of these exterior business signs? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. See this link for more. More on this topic.

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