Local Jobs and Retention Knob Use

End mill holders

There has been a recent trend of manufacturing jobs that were sent overseas coming back home. This is due to operations managers discovering that supply chain logistics and shipping costs were not cost effective compared to hiring local support for machining operations. Lower quality of products combined with rising labor demands across the globe have led to reshoring. Jobs that include boring on small work pieces with a lathe to boring with a large mill are available across the nation once more.

Presetters are very effective for boosting discipline and tool management. The same is true of using boring heads, boring inserts, CNC tool holders, ER collets and retention knobs. CNC machines are programmed to automatically execute series of machining operations in a safe manner. Safety must always be considered for the use of any machining tool. They transfer a lot of turning power, or torque, in a small amount of time. Failure to properly handle a retention knob, for example, could lead to a very serious injury.

Machine tools are designed for two functions, including holding a work piece in place and providing guided movement for all parts on a machine. Training is the first step before letting an employee use a retention knob on your company time. Failure to train an employee on the appropriate use of one of these knobs or any other machining tool can hurt your insurance rates, reputation and production, so avoid letting amateurs work with your machining equipment.
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