How Outdoor Signs Affect Your Business

Signs are one of the most overlooked, but important parts of business. A well designed business sign can be an eye catching way to draw in more patrons. Think about how many custom signs you see a day, and what ones have stuck with you most? If you are looking to advertise your business, or improve consumer appeal, having an eye catching custom sign may be what you’re looking for.

What are the Importance of Signs?

Business signs are essential to a company’s marketing. Signs containing an distinctive logo can help boost the brand and draw attention to the organization. Commercial signs can also help advertise special promotions and explain exential information about the company. If an outdoor signs are used they have the added advantage of being seen by anyone in passing.

Outdoor signs either ground mounted, or building mounted can be created in a variety of designs. If attached directly to a building, the sign is most useful if there is a good amount of foot traffic; however, ground mounted signs can be built near roadways, allowing for motor traffic to be impacted by the marking as well.

Having well designed commercial outdoor signs can serve to set you apart from competitors, and other businesses near you. 75% of customers report that they have told friends about a business because of its sign. Additionally, 67% of respondents reported that the quality of a commercial sign has affected their purchases.Signs do indeed have a large role to play in a company, and a having a good one can help drum up new and repeat business.

When It Comes to Signs, Size Matters

When thinking up the size of your outdoor signs, keep in mind the surrounding location, and the size of things in relation to it. A huge sign can be distracting as opposed to enticing. Take for instance a large sign on the side of a building. Would you take in what it was saying, or would it blend in with all the rest? How about a smaller sign at the corner of an intersection? As it turns out, the smaller one actually works better for advertising, as consumes will have to stop and read it, giving more time for the message to be conveyed. It is estimated that 71% of people do in fact look at the messages posted as roadside signs.

Even more important than the size of the overall sign, is the size of the writing upon it. It is good to ensure that the message is concise and catchy, something that can easily be read and stuck in the mind. Think along the lines of catchy jingles that play during television commercials, they’re simple, get the company across, and always get stuck in your head.

Location is Important

Signs will determine who your local clientele will become, and it is essential to make sure you have outdoor signs posted around your business area, and on-site. This way people in the vicinity will know your company exists and where to find it. Consumers will see a business sign in their location roughly 50 to 60 times every month on average. And, if you’re still not sold on the importance of a sign in front of your business, consider that around 60% of people report that a lack of signage has dissuade them from entering a business. A sign conveys a professional and official image, without one, customers can be wary of what they’re getting.

Having unique custom signs for your business, placed in locations where people will constantly see them, has a huge impact on your company. Even though consciously many of us wouldn’t think they affect many things, surveys and reports tell us differently. If you are looking to boost your business and take it to the next level, consider how different signage options can help you.

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