Commercial Construction Tips for Businesses Moving Into a New Building

Moving into a new building can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for starting businesses. Below are some quick and easy commercial construction tips so your move will go smoothly.

Make Sure Your Business Is Allowed in the Building

Before signing any rental agreements with a building owner, check to ensure your business is allowed in the facility. This may seem like common sense, but some businesses have been shut down because they operate in an illegal space. This step becomes even more important if you are leasing from an individual who lives on the property.

Renting or Buying?

It is essential to know if the building is for rent or sale. If it is for sale, you will find that there are usually multiple offers on each property. This means that your offer may be negotiated down. When negotiating the price of a building, remember to leave some room in case of any upgrades like commercial glass installation, then you might need to make to the space to get it ready for operation.

Be Prepared to Adapt

Even with the best planning and preparation, things will not always go according to plan. Make sure your team is ready to handle any problems that might come up and be willing to re-evaluate your original design plan if something does not work out as expected. A renovation is a unique opportunity for companies to reimagine what they can accomplish in their space, so embrace this spirit of innovation and keep yourself open to possibilities.

Fumigation and Molding

If you rent a new commercial space, ask if the building has been fumigated. Suppose it has not. Try to find out when that last commercial pest control activity took place. Fumigating can be expensive, so unless this is done regularly by the building owner or manager, there could be potentially harmful problems inside of your future business location. Additionally, you want to know about any major restoration work that may have taken place recently in the unit. This includes everything from mold removal or remediation services to fixing water leaks or replacing carpeting.

Leave Room for Growth

If you are starting, leave room in your budget to expand into other building areas. You might think that an empty warehouse is a perfect spot to open up a manufacturing operation but later find that you cannot get any products through the front door. Remember that even if you do not expect growth immediately, it may happen sooner than expected. Have enough space allotted so you will not need to rent or buy more down the line in case of additional commercial office desks.

Take Care of Maintenance Issues Before They Turn Into Safety Hazards

Before moving into your new facility, make sure everything inside is up to par with local standards. Also, take care of any maintenance issues before they become a safety hazard. This is critical if you plan on operating a business from the space, as well-maintained structures are safe for commercial building contractors, employees, and customers.

Inspect the Security System

Every commercial building should have a security system in place. It is important to check that the security system works before dealing with a potential landlord or buyer. Without a security system in place, your new business could be at risk of thefts and burglaries. Just as with a security system, you need to check if the building has an operational fire alarm system and HVAC services. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a burning building without a way to escape or any way of getting help from local authorities.

Brand Your Space

Your new space has a lot to offer, but only if you know how to take advantage of it. By working with a commercial interior designer or architect, you can completely redesign your space and rebrand it for your business. Consider the benefits that a physical overhaul brings, a new appearance for prospective customers, increased productivity from employees who enjoy their work environment more, and savings from any changes in rent.

Be Willing to Let Employees Decide

Innovation is key to your business’s success. Letting employees play an active role in their new space’s design and function will encourage them to stay excited about their work. Employees are more likely to work well in a space they have helped design because it is truly their own. Not to mention, these types of collaborative projects strengthen the bond among co-workers when everyone is involved.

Stay Open to Inspiration Outside Your Industry

The key to success in the workplace is not all about making employees feel comfortable. The interior design will make your company stand out from competitors, leaving prospective customers with an impression that lasts long after they have walked through your door for the first time. Being open to inspiration outside of your industry can help you achieve this goal. For example, if you are working with a commercial elevator service company that has experience designing spaces for schools or offices, look at what they did there and see how you might apply some of their ideas to your unique building.

Establishing a Wayfinding System

Your customers do not want to feel lost when shopping for your products or services, so help them out by designing the space with wayfinding in mind. This type of system will define where customers can go, how they get there, and what is expected of them when they arrive at their destination. These systems can be defined with signs on walls, more complicated defined with electronic displays, or anything in between.

Find a New Experience for Your Customers

Your customers are likely drawn to your company because you provide a unique experience. Whether it is spending time on commercial roofers designs, rooftop garden, or stopping by for a tour, make sure they can access all of your office’s hidden gems whenever they please. Be ready with suggestions for activities that might not be immediately obvious, like holding client meetings onsite or taking advantage of built-in lounge areas for impromptu brainstorming sessions with co-workers.

Please Make Sure the Right People Are in Place to Manage It All

A successful renovation is not just about the design. It is also crucial to have employees who are committed to their work and can help ensure that your expectations are being met. Make sure you have the staff that will play a key role in managing your newly renovated space, whether it is an expert project manager, commercial electrical services company or someone who has experience with tenant improvement design, or even someone onsite during construction to answer any questions that might come up.

Know Your Limits

It is natural for your team to get excited when they see everything that could be possible for their new workspace, but do not be swept up in all of the possibilities and forget what matters most. A commercial concrete services company knows how to find a balance between creating an office with a wow-factor and functional, ensuring that all of your employees are comfortable throughout the day.

Do Not Make Any Big Purchases Until You Are Ready to Move-in

No one wants to make a big purchase on an item they are not sure they can keep long term. Even if you think it might be temporary, do not make any new investments until after you have moved in and had a chance to conduct an operational assessment of the space with your team. If you find that something needs to change, only then should you invest in making those adjustments. It is better to have this information sooner rather than later so that you can work within your budget appropriately.

Explore Different Options for Renovating Your Building

Renovation is all about solving problems, and there are very few renovation projects that do not involve compromise. It is important to explore every possible solution with your designer ahead of time so that they can start thinking about what kind of space you want to create and also how best to reach that goal within the budget you have established. Flooring company service providers will often have new products that can help you get all the features you want without breaking the bank.

Take Advantage of the Unique Features of Your Building

Every building has its personality, but most renovation projects focus on creating a homogeneous look and feel. A good designer will help you embrace the unique characteristics of your building by suggesting ways in which you can highlight some of those special features throughout your office design. You might have a skylight in one area of the building, but if there are not any windows nearby, it might not be utilized to its full potential. Make sure you explore every possible space for natural light.

Give Employees the Freedom to Customize Their Workspaces

The best-case scenario has employees who are excited about the opportunity to personalize their spaces, but even if your employees are not 100 percent on board, give them a chance to try out some new ideas anyway. They will be spending a lot of time in these new workspaces, and they should feel comfortable. You will quickly see which layouts work best, so do not worry too much about making any permanent changes early on.

Bring In a Pro Who Knows Your Company’s Culture Firsthand

Designing a space is about understanding your company’s culture and knowing how it should translate into the new layout. The best way to accomplish that is to bring in someone who already knows your company well. This will help speed up the design process but also means that you’re working with someone who can easily recommend ways in which you can accommodate your employees once the project is finished.

Get Creative With Your Furniture and Fixtures

One of the biggest advantages of renovating a space is choosing brand-new furniture and fixtures, so explore every possible option instead of settling for what is typically provided in an office setting. Have fun with colors, textures, and shapes! Do not be afraid to try something unconventional when you have the chance. It will help set your business apart from the competition and impress visitors.

Everything Is Going to Take Longer Than You Think

Construction projects always take longer than anticipated, so build some extra time into your schedule before everything starts coming together. Even if you are moving into an already renovated space and are not dealing with a construction or demolition project, unforeseen hiccups will affect your deadlines. Proceed with caution and give yourself plenty of time.

Do Not Try to Tackle It All Yourself

One of the best ways to save money is by not working on this new space yourself, so do not try to cut corners when designing your space. You have one shot at doing something amazing, so let an experienced company take care of everything from start to finish. If you are interested in getting involved yourself, go for as much as you can without risking safety or quality, but err on the side of caution if there is anything you are not confident about doing.

Make Sure You Have a Plan for Ongoing Maintenance

Renovating a space is only the first step toward making it functional. It would help if you also had a plan for ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades. This means creating an easy way to access each office should anything need replacement or repair in the future. Do not forget about this part of your project.

Maximize on Space

Remember that this new furniture and equipment will take up more space, so design accordingly. Do not worry about adding a few extra things that employees might not use, but do try to reduce the clutter as much as possible by leaving aisles wide open and eliminating unnecessary items. A cluttered workspace can make it incredibly difficult for employees to focus on their work, something you want them to avoid.

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits to renovating your office space, so explore all of your options when you have the chance. Do not be afraid to try something unique that will represent your company in the best possible way. If you want help with renovations, reach out to an experienced business for guidance and advice.

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