Commercial Cleaning Services 5 Reasons Your Office Needs Them

Office cleaning

We spend almost as much time at the office as we do at our homes, but rarely ever think about the cleanliness of the office area. We clean our homes so we know they are clean, but we don’t clean the offices we just assume they are clean. While most offices may be somewhat clean that doesn’t mean your work space is. Approximately 10% never clean their computer keyboard and 20% never clean their mouse, which means the amount of bacteria on these can be astonishing. Almost three-quarters of employees believe that a dirty office has made them sick in the past. This is one reason that commercial cleaning services are beneficial, read below to see other reasons.


Normally this would depend on how big your office is or how many employees that you have at your location, but there are certain times when you need janitorial services to clean and sanitize no matter how big or small your office is. Commercial cleaning of office buildings ensures that everything is not only clean but sanitized as well. This is important for a couple of reasons. Professional cleaning services are trained to properly sanitize, where normal employees may not be as knowledgeable in that area. The other reason is because that is all that a professional janitorial service does is clean and sanitize. They do it all day, therefore they are good at it.


If you normally have visitors come to your office, then it is especially important for the offices to be cleaned and sanitized. Many people will not want to do business with an establishment if their offices are not cleaned and well maintained. This can cause a loss of business, and affect repeat customers. Having commercial cleaning performed by professionals ensures that your offices always look clean and smell clean, so visitors see a clean well maintained establishment when they walk in.


There are two ways that having office cleaning services performed help your employees. Employees will work much better and more efficiently in an area that is cleaned, well maintained and organized. An office that is regularly cleaned helps employees feel more comfortable no matter where they are at the office, including the restrooms. Having commercial cleaning services performed on your offices also takes some of the responsibility off the employees, which can help boost work morale. Having employees be responsible for cleaning can quickly lower morale and work ethic. Employees will not feel comfortable cleaning up after other adults and many employees don’t want to wash sinks and scrub toilets.


Regular cleanings of your office helps address small issues before they become larger issues that will cost more money. Small stains can become bigger problems if not treated quickly. Wet or moist areas can grow mold and mildew and harbor bacteria if they are not properly cleaned. Commercial cleaning services for offices helps tackle these issues before they become bigger issues that may not be able to fixed at all.


Many cleaning services will work around your schedule. The last thing they want to do is to interrupt your employees productivity. It also makes it easier to clean if you are not having to clean around other people. This is one reason why many services will offer to clean your office after hours when employees are not present. Majority of cleaning services work the second shift or the third shift since most buildings are empty at this time. This benefits you and benefits them, so it’s a win-win situation.

Cleaning services for your office help you and your employees. You will see a boost in employee morale and productivity and you will see less sick time from your employees. This can help your business thrive and keep you and your employees happy and healthy.

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