5 Astonishing Facts About Oil Production in the United States

Oil production is rapidly expanding in the United States, but many folks aren’t quite aware of the consequences or what that will mean for our land. With information more easily available than ever, we’ve decided to compile a short list of interesting and surprising facts surrounding oil drilling in North America! We hope you enjoy.

1. Nearly 40% of All Planned and Under Construction Oil Wells Are in the United States

The oil industry and drilling practices are booming in America. With production at levels never quite seen before in the United States, citizens are experiencing lower gas prices are more jobs available. Despite the chilling effects of climate change already staring society in the face, there are no signs that the industry plans on slowing down in the near future.

2. In 2017, There Were Over 900,000 Active Oil and Gas Wells in the United States Alone

That’s more than one for every four citizens! Across the vast United States of America, oil companies are digging wells wherever they legally can, and finding oil all over the country. Since oil is not a renewable resource, it only makes sense that we are going to run out of it at some point. With companies digging at the rate they are, it seems like only a matter of time before the industry hit a wall.

3. The United States has Around 2.5 Million Miles of Oil Pipeline

Across the country, oil pipelines are used to transport oil and gas from one place to another. This pipelines are so common that there are over 2 million miles of pipe dedicated to transporting the crude oil and gas. The pipes are heavily regulated, supposed to be using plastic thread protectors and other forms of pipe protection to prevent leaks. These plastic pipe protectors are meant to cap small holes that would let oil out. Plastic thread protectors are sold in many places and should be a staple of oil drilling purchases. If a pipeline is not outfitted with plastic thread protectors, it could be leaking trace amounts of oil into the ground.

4. 13 Million United States Homes Use Private Wells for Drinking Water

The use of private wells means that their water isn’t set to the same standards as conventional American drinking water. Well water can easily be affected by oil or gas drilling, and leakage can have severe consequences on those consuming the tainted water.

5. The Oil Pipeline Transportation Industry Has Had an Average Annual Growth of 6.6% Over the Past 5 Years

Those steadily growing numbers are a sign that oil drilling is only becoming more and more prominent across the country. Being aware of the potential hazards and the required regulations means you’re armed with the knowledge to protect yourself if need be in these situations.

What are your thoughts on the oil industry’s advancing grasp on the United States market? Good or bad? Share your thoughts on the matter with us down below in the comments, and thanks for taking the time out of your day to read!

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